Monday, June 6, 2011

Toilet Paper is for Amateur's

Anyone can sneak in your yard in the dead of night when everyone is sleeping and cover your tree's with toilet paper. But the youth here in Montana can sneak into your garage in broad daylight with you in the next room eating dinner and paint your cars.

My favorite part of the whole thing was Dave didn't wake up early enough to go wash his car so he had to arrive at the high security lab parking garage with his car saying:

"I'm the bug king"

"I love Amoeba's"

It totally made my day.


  1. Oh and honorable mention to the Young Women in Denver who broke into my house and hid in my bathroom and waited until I came home just to scare me

  2. Wasn't that Macy, Candice, and me?! Haha

  3. That is great. Very funny!! At least they didn't TP your house...they could have done a lot worse.

  4. That is fantastic. And I wouldn't rule out Jes.

  5. It looks like "I love poop!"