Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I could have clogged on Broadway

I am a huge fan of Broadway musicals. From a very young age, I wanted to perform on Broadway, so I started singing and dance lessons. Sadly, the only dance available in Evanston at the time was clogging. Side-note: girls can be cloggers but boys take the chance of getting beat up. Even though I never did clogg on Broadway, I think my boys might have a serious chance.

Ben: He had to do a musical number at scouts so he made himself a banjo and played like one of those guys in "Oh Brother, where art thou?" (Seriously, the stupidest movie ever made... Don't tell Dave it is one of his favorites." )

Jon: There has never been a better "Weed" in a school play than Jon. He was so impressive as the dancing rapping weed ,that later some random guy stopped us in town and said "Hey you were the Weed who had all the dance moves. You were awesome." Jon just gave him a point and a click of tongue and said "Yep"

(Jonny is the weed right in front of the garden gnome doing his John Travolta impersonation)

Maybe I should enroll them both in clogging. I'm sure they wouldn't get beat up in Montana for clogging would they?


  1. That is funny. Clogging is fine in Montana, as long as his career in "weed" stops there, too. You should be so proud!

  2. As to your last question I believe the answer is "yes". Yes they would. Well, Ben wouldn't.