Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Black Friday Woes

I have always been a fan of Black Friday. Well, I decided today that I would try to be a glass half full person and start looking at my options here in small town Montana........ Just so you know, it wasn't pretty. I finally gave up when my last hope (Walgreen's) had this on their website for their black Friday sale

Only $89 So if I happen to fall and break my hip before Friday, I am set. Woo Hoo!


  1. You know, I just can't get into "black friday." It's the name! Who can get excited about a sale that sounds evil? Someone really needs to rename this stupid day. But on the positive side, you could buy the walker and put it in your food storage, just in case.

  2. The walker would be a good thing to have for Black Friday. It could carry all your bags and when you get tired of standing in line you have a seat right their in front of you.

  3. Too bad the walker is too large for you to shove in a CAT CARRIER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. P.S. K-mart had some good deals on "Kathy Irland" sweaters... since you are no longer trashing them. :)