Monday, November 1, 2010

Have Ya Heard of Harry Potter?

One of my favorite things about our small town is the Halloween parade downtown. All the kids arrive in costume and go from store to store collecting candy. I was shocked how many people had no idea who Nate and Ben were.

Some of the guesses were kind of funny.

"So are you guys that vampire guy?"
"Oh cute twins" (That was kind of right)
" They are both dressed up as the Pope" HUH?

Either my costumes weren't as obvious as I thought, or this town is full of Muggles.


  1. Cute costumes. And yes, it is a town full of muggles. With the exception of the wiccan who installed our cable.

  2. Duh! Even I know who they are!

  3. Great costumes- the Weasley twins! All of my kids and I knew who they were right away. You are always so good with the Halloween costumage.