Monday, November 8, 2010

Highlights of Halloween

It would be hard to decide what is my favorite part of Halloween. Was it the Tele-tubby? Or maybe it was the fact that due to modern technology, a picture of the tele-tubby was downloaded from Facebook and placed all over a high security government lab. (Thanks Trav, it made me very happy.)

It could have been Dave, Sarah, and I all going as the Potato Head family to our ward party. ( I still cannot believe I never got a picture of that and I doubt after the Tele-tubby inscedent that I will ever get Dave to put on a costume again.)

Or perhaps it was Jonny, who threw fire balls at everyone who asked who he was.


  1. Dave is a very disturbing Tele-Tubby...he haunts my dreams.

  2. I can't even begin to tell you how much I love your blog. I just barely found it and you are hilarious! You have such an adorable family and I'm so excited to see what you are up to and more importantly laugh at your hilarity.

  3. So cute! I laughed out when I saw the picture of the tele-tubby. Or shall we say, tele-hubby! Ha! It's funny, because I went to a Halloween party at school for Bethany and anyone who had long sleeves on was sweating to death (as it was 90 degrees outside), and most people have short sleeve costumes, even for the evening. As I was sweating through that dumb party they planned outside I was sincerely wishing for colder weather. Now after seeing that some kids have to cover up costumes with a jacket I guess I can be grateful for the hot weather, right!