Saturday, November 13, 2010

I will never Trash Kmart again.

The goodness of Halloween just keeps coming. I have always complained that the only store we have is a run-down K mart. I had to go today out of necessity and I was immediately drawn to the Halloween section to see what happy items were on clearance. All of a sudden the trusty red-vest-wearing K mart specialist came up and informed me that "EVERYTHING HALLOWEEN WAS NOW 90% OFF!" Can you say HOLY CRAP?!! She changed the signs while I started just grabbing stuff and sticking it in my cart.

Do I really need (or want);
Realistic bloody swords: NO, but they were only .75 cents. I bought 3 of them.
A new doorbell, that happens to have screaming on it: No, but come on .50 cents.
10 Halloween table cloths: Well of course I will need them for a party someday .49cents
Then of course I got tons of wonderful napkins, plates, werewolf makeup etc. Oh and just in case I need one in the future, I got a huge "Whoopy cushion" costume. Oh, happy day. I took a picture so that I can look at it one day when I am cursing K-mart for not having hot glue sticks.

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