Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I'm all talk

I like to complain a lot but I really have no desire to fix what I complain about. For instance, the boys just finished a football season. I couldn't believe how crazy the coaches were. I heard things like:

"When you hit him, he better stay on the ground."
"Take him OUT!"
"What kind of girl hit was that?"

Even so,I have no desire to coach sports myself. Can you imagine me yelling:

"Good job boys! Just have fun and after I will make cotton candy."

My sister on the other hand sees a problem and tries to fix it. Jen was just elected to the school board yesterday and it inspired me to start "putting my money where my mouth is." So, I will now be coaching football next year..... Ha Ha Ha, just kidding. I will cheer Jen on from the sidelines and try to complain a little less.



  1. Dear Jenny: When can we make an appt. to discuss everyday Math?

  2. I agree with Vern... Saxton is much better. Everyday Math drove me nuts. Jill- you CAN fix anything with cotton candy! I believe it.