Thursday, May 26, 2011

A rose by any other name...

Our names can tell a lot about us. Mine says "your parents were big fans of Charlies Angels" it could have been worse, I could have been named after some pioneer ancestor and I could be walking around Jerusha, or Jamestina (remember I had to be a J, because it would have been pretty lame if my family went







and Allison.
Even nicknames can stick. My freshman year of high school a new girl moved in, but since I already knew an Elisabeth I decided her name would be George. 4 years later no one in our school knew her real name, "George" was on her basketball jersey and in the year book. She will probably never forgive me. So I have decided my habit of calling my children by nicknames should probably end.

Sarah: The Beast: A couple weeks ago some random teenage girl came up to me and Sarah, and said "Oh Hello little beast" You might ask "why do you call her beast?)

I have started calling Jonny either Hugh or Heff. Everyday after school he immediately changes his clothes to this outfit.

Yesterday Ben asked "So, why do you call him Hugh"

Me: hmmmm, welll he dresses like a guy named Hugh Hefner.

Ben: Who's Hugh Hefner?

Me: hmmmm, welll ahhh, he's a ... oh, he's a specialty entertainment publishing mogul.

Ben: ahhhh, (shrugs his shoulders) allright.

Since I really don't want "Beast" or "Hugh" in the yearbook, I need new names.


  1. I remember George...what ever happened to her? I think we called Carli beast for similar reasons...we should still call Carli beast for those same reasons.

  2. Good luck with that. In the meantime I think you should be "Cher".