Thursday, March 3, 2011

Fear of the mushroom

Reasons I chopped my hair this week.

#1. There is only so long you can look like Pocahontas, before you feel like you really do belong in Montana.

#2. Someone here told me my hair has a "barbie complex." I am not sure what this means but I think it is bad.

#3. Since there are many days during my week I truly don't expect to see anyone besides Sarah, I have gotten into the habit of braiding my hair down both sides. This makes me look like a Polygamist from Eldorado. (I must clarify Eldorado because I know many of the Polygamists here, and they are way cool and have better fashion sense than I do.)

Reasons I am not posting a picture of the new doo.

#1. Truthfully I fear ridicule, I know what you are thinking.

"Jill, we would never make fun of you for your hair. We reserve that for still not understanding how the pump house and irrigation from the ditch in your yard works after living there a year."

The real reason is that when I was young, I did have a hair cut that made me look like a large mushroom. In fact, my older brothers and I believe that some of you Phillips used to call me Fungi. Hence, now you will all just have to be curious on what my new look is. Although I thought you would all enjoy a glimpse of the Fungus look.


  1. I like the slightly stunned look on your teenaged face.

  2. Hey, this reminds me of my onion-head days! Interestingly enough, mushrooms and onions are my least favorite veggies! And for what its worth...I thought your hair rocked all along!

  3. Hey, I liked it! Back in those good ole' days, you were the in thing!

  4. I love the hair, I had some lovely ones too!!! Aw, the 80s and 90s!!! Love them!! I just read your comment about Jade talking and yes it would be so fun to come and visit you!!! Jade definitely jabbers lots so we could put her and Sarah in a room and let them go at it!!!

  5. Hey! That's the look i was going for but couldn't get my "mullet" to grow out. (true story!) You do look pretty cute. :)

  6. It was the time of the big hair. I always gaged when I needed a haircut by my friend's son who, at the age of 4, would say to me, "Your hair sure is getting big!"

  7. Jill, I love your "mushroom do!!" I have been waiting to see this picture and it's priceless!! Hee hee! Ooooh, now I'm actually hungry for shrooms....I think I'll go saute some in butter and garlic.