Thursday, March 24, 2011

The War against Beans

I am convinced that when you are the youngest in your family you learn as much from your older siblings as you do your parents-- like you should never have to eat anything you don't want to.
Example: I hate fuzzy green beans. You all know when you bottle green beans instead of eating the happy canned green beans they turn all fuzzy and gross. So, in my younger years at the Hatch house, I followed my older siblings example and never ate them. We had a process that we followed.
1. While we distracted mom, Jason would get up and grab a Ziploc bag from the drawer.
2. With our feet, we would pass the bag from person to person (under the table of course) filling the bag with fuzzy beans until we all had our turn.
3. Jenny would fake a yawn while rocking back in her chair and discard the unwanted fuzziness into the garbage.

Lately, everyone who enters my house ends up carrying a bag of popcorn with them. So I did not find it odd that one of the Elders from our Church who we were feeding last night, had a bag by his plate. The upsetting part of the evening was when I went to put more popcorn into his bag. The look of horror on his face should have given me a clue that either he really didn't want any more popcorn, or there was a dark secret held inside the bag. If you guessed a secret, you were right. He was hiding my dinner at the bottom of his bag of popcorn. Obviously he also must have had older siblings to teach him the fundamental lessons in life.


  1. I would like to know which one this is. I have a pretty good Idea though.

  2. OMGsh! A nightmare come true for everyone involved, although it sounds like he gave you more entertainment than disappointment!

    And you're awesome enough to share it with your fans...