Thursday, March 17, 2011

Questions to ponder

Question #1
Why does Nathan go to a school that looks like it will fall over with a strong wind, yet for P.E. they bus them an hour up into the mountains to go skiing?

Question #2
Do I seem crazy to you? How come Jonny's kindergarten teacher won't let me volunteer in her class-room? She always responds by saying. "Oh, huh we are actually good right now." I find that highly unusual. Seriously, does she not know I own a Pretzel warmer?.....(I know, I know, I have not given it back yet.)

Question #3
How come the guy who delivers my mail comes in a jeep that looks like it was in a hit and run? Did that happen while delivering mail?

Question #4
In what planet does a small town high school musical cost $20 bucks to get into? I mean, it's not like Zac Efron is going to show up and say I was in the area hunting and thought I would share my gifts and perform tonight

Question #5
Why won't Jonny eat vegetables?
Answer: Last night at dinner he told me he's a vegetarian, and vegetarians can't eat peas.


  1. #1. Because it's there

    #2. Yes but who doesn't love a warm pretzel.

    #3. Is there a jeep in town that doesn't look like it's been in a hit and run? It's a jeep thing

    #4. Uhh, don't know.

    #5. What self respecting vegetarian would even consider being in the same room with peas?

  2. #1- Funny about the skiing

    #2- Maybe Johnny's teacher is threatened because you own a little "home based business"??? Just a thought.

    #3- Did you see the movie "Funny Farm"?

    #4- They are making up for NO SALES TAX!!!

    #5- That is FUNNY! (I am still laughing.) Don't give Drew any ideas.


  3. YOU ARE CRAZY. That's all....LOL. No honestly, I'm rather perplexed by the Kindergarten teacher. Maybe she can only handle so much happiness and smiles in one day. As for everything else, you don't need my answers. Everyone else was so good at answering. One things remains constant: I had a GOOD laugh!