Friday, March 11, 2011

Mothering 101 What not to do.

There are certain things that can make you feel like a loser mother.

#1. I had to call poison control in behalf of Sarah. The Poison control lady on the other end of the phone actually laughed at me for the reason of my call. I think it should be in their contracts not to laugh at mothers who are already stressed.

#2 This is what I found when entering the the dinning room. Just in case your curious those are ping pong net posts.

#3. Jonny came home from school very excited that he was "Frog of the Week. " Because of this, he got to take items from home to show at school. I was mortified that the day had already passed and he had taken a tennis ball and a broken sword from the dollar store.

#4. I bought ten boxes, oh yes, you heard me right, 10 boxes of Twinkies and Zingers this week. I have a total excuse because they were on a huge sale. I don't however have any excuse for giving Sarah a Zinger for breakfast.

I am sure all of you who had previously, in case of your demise, thought of leaving your children in my care are re-thinking that plan.


  1. Good Grief, Woman, do I have to move out there to take care of all of you?

  2. At least whoever put the net posts in the outlets put them in the one hole that doesn't carry electricity

  3. Were you calling poison control because of those medal things in the outlets? No wonder she laughed! #2 reminded me of when Ben brought Books of Mormons to school to pass out to his friends and you WOULDN'T LET HIM! #3 reminds me of the entire cake you ate in a day. 10 boxes of Twinkies.... you can do it! Thanks for the laughl

  4. Man! You know, I've always liked your kids and never realized the.....danger they were in. I hope they're okay.

    (Is Sarah jerking off and on when she's resting with a dazed look on her face? That might tell you if she tried the plug hole first.) I just sayin.