Saturday, January 1, 2011

A scientific question

So, what do you do if when changing into your Hazmat suit you happen to forget your security badge, walk into a corridor, and realize you are locked inside a high security government lab on a holiday weekend?

1. You dig out your cell phone from under the suit, and inform your wife you will not be home for dinner.

2. You frantically wave at the security camera's, hoping there is someone watching on the other side.

Side note: When a security officer arrived to escort Dave back to his badge he said
"You realize that all the security officers are laughing at you right now in their boothes."
Ahhh ,good times.


  1. seriously...this made me laugh so hard!!! I've tried everywhere to find you those candy cane oreo's...alas, to no avail! I'll keeo trying!

  2. Okay, this cracked me up! I bet you're so proud!

  3. HAhahahaha, only Dave could do something like that. Very funny.