Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Duct tape OR Glue gun?

If you were stranded on an island what would you rather have? A roll of Duct tape or a very cool fix anything glue gun (battery powered, obviously). I have come to the conclusion that most men would prefer duct tape (because there are so many ducts that need taping on a deserted island). I on the other hand can fix anything with my trusty glue gun. In fact I think I have 3 different guns. I mean what kind of food storage would I have without the trusty glue gun in it? On the other hand I have noticed some very good uses for the big grey tape:

But my husband out did himself this Christmas. Not with the beforehand mentioned pretzel warmer, that I have chosen not to mention because it is just too painful. His most successful present was this A purse completely made out of Duct Tape. It even has pockets inside again totally out of duct tape. This puppy can hold up to 7 heavy library books, all the stuff I hall to church, and my wallet. That is impressive. When the young women leaders asked if Dave would come and teach the girls how to make one Dave hung his head and said to me "Seriously, someone is going to take my man-card away for sure."

So I have decided I love Duct tape....and my cute husband.


  1. Dave hasn't had a man card ever since he started buying nutmeg in whole cloves. Which, by my calculations, has been a while.

  2. I would shame Dave but since my daughter called me the "the world's best Barbie player" I have no right to talk.