Monday, January 17, 2011

Have I gotten old this year?

This last week I celebrated my 34th birthday. I have had a tradition the last ten years to eat a Funfetti rainbow chip birthday cake. Not just a piece of cake but an entire cake to celebrate the day of my birth. I usually have some for breakfast, snacks, lunch etc. This year however it wasn't nearly as enjoyable as usual. In fact I didn't even make it through the whole cake. Am I getting OLD? I mean I even have gray hair. Ok. so that's not too big of a deal since I started going gray in high-school thanks to the Checketts pre-maturing gray gene. So I started thinking of reasons why I am not old.

1. I still eat Captain Crunch or Coco Puffs every morning. ( old people eat special K )

2. I have a PB&J every day for lunch (old people eat things like KusKus)

3. My favorite birthday present was a CASE of sprinkles. I mean what old person gets excited about "Bugs and Dirt" sprinkles. (they like bath oils and stuff)

4. One of my favorite shows is Phineas and Ferb ( Well, actually this show is good for all ages )

So just because I can't eat a cake in one day doesn't suggest I am old, just that maybe my Pallet is maturing.


  1. Oh my gosh. Maybe I'M getting old! I eat special K! I like bath oils!...but I do have a PB&J for lunch every day as well.

  2. You are definitely not old, or I will be too in a few more months! I've never eaten ahole birthday cake in my entire life. Sounds like a fun tradition to start though.

  3. You're definitely not old, because old people know how to spell "Cous Cous" and "palette".

  4. you are not old!!! you are just wise!! i love that you eat a whole funfetti cake, that is my favorite too!!! Happy belated birthday!

  5. Jill, you forgot to mention that in your world, COTTON CANDY is an actual food group! Nope... you are not old. :)

  6. Yes, it definitely sounds like you are wisening with each year, as are your taste buds...! I almost eat PB&J for lunch everyday.

    Last thought: you look like a hot mamma to me!

  7. Jill's house = Never, Never Land.

    You getting old? Perish the thought.