Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas scene gone wrong.

Act 1 Scene 1


Jill: Mom, lover of carnival foods.

Dave: Husband, who helps provide Jill with Carnival food.

Brian: Friend who owns gas station and convenience store .

Kids: Who like to eat Carnival food.

Location: Revelli Family room ---Christmas morning .

Background Set up: For months, actually years, Jill has been asking for a carnival size Popcorn machine to go along with her cotton candy machine. In November, the perfect machine is located online. She brings Dave in and says "This is what I want for Christmas." She also brings him credit card. The next day Jill checks online to make sure card was charged with happy popcorn goodness.

Scene set up: Dave and Brian think it would be fun to wrap something else in a popcorn size box. Once the look of disappointment and sadness occurs, Dave then says something like "Ha ha ha just kidding. I have your popcorn machine downstairs."

Opening Scene: Family enjoying Christmas morning, unwrapping presents laughing, etc.

Dave: Hey Jill, are you ready to open your present?

Jill: (opens present, but instead of the expected Popcorn machine finds a large Soft Pretzel
Warmer.") Is this for Me?

Dave: (Evil smile.. Yea, don't you want it?)

Jill: "Oh my heck this is AWESOME!"

Dave: (starting to panic) Hmmmm, I thought you wanted a popco...

Jill: (interrupts by dancing around saying: "I will be the only person I know with a pretzel machine!"

Dave: Uhhhh actually...

Jill: Let's go down and make pretzels right now!!!

Dave: (really starting to panic) Jill! It is just a warmer. It doesn't make pretzels or bake them, it just spins and keeps them warm!

Jill: I know! Soo dang cool. Thank you soo much.

Dave: (Seriously worried) Jill, hmmm, Brian and I thought it would be fun to give you this first and well, hmmmm, actually this belongs to the gas station.

Jill: (everything starting to register) You mean, (sigh) I don't get to keep it.... WHAT KIND OF SICK CHRISTMAS JOKE IS THIS?

Dave: (Trying to look happy) How about we go down and open your popcorn machine.

Family Exits to go downstairs.

So, Brad, if you happen to be in the area fishing this week, you and Angelina should stop by for a preztel, but only for this week because I will soon have to give the happy machine back.


  1. hahahahahahahha...that is one of the funniest Christmas stories I have ever heard. It would have been better if Dave had beads of sweat rolling down his head. Anyway, we are super jealous that you have a new popcorn machine.

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  3. What I want out of this whole thing is the recipe for the soft pretzels that you have all been enjoying in your stolen machine! Come on, bite the bullet and take it back!