Monday, January 24, 2011

12 years is a long time to match

"One of these boys are not like the other" It is true, my little Nathan turned 12 this week. This means he will no longer wear the cute matching outfits that I have forced on my boys for the last decade. Even when Nathan didn't have a sibling, I made him match Dave:

Then came Ben

Then came Jon

Who is the weired librarian looking girl? I mean I know we were attending a polo match,
but did I think "Huh, I better shlack my hair down as tight as I can, just in case a Polo player falls off his horse and I have to be able to fit his helmet over my head and take over?"

Then came Sarah. A little more difficult to match

It makes me sad that my little Nathan is now too old to match his brothers, but I am so grateful for the last 12 years that he has blessed our lives. (And never once complained about matching)


  1. so cute! I love that you made them match!! Maybe I should start that tradition with my girls? How did you do it? I love reading your blog!

  2. NOW THAT is FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!! It would be a miracle if somehow we matched EVER! You go,OA!

  3. uh, Is their a law about matching everyone else up to Nathan ?

  4. Some call it matching, others call it...nevermind. I'll be nice.

  5. When will Dave be too old to match??

  6. I was thinking the same thing about Dave...just how old does he have to be?

  7. Can I explain the tears in my eyes as laughter or 12-yr milestones?--I think both! Mike and I love your blog!!!