Friday, January 28, 2011

Reasons why I should homeschool

Let's face it, I would not be a good home-schooler. Let's see, "We can either study, or drive over the mountain to the Phillipsburg Candy store that was featured on the food network." Yea, candy sounds good and we have recently had a few more reasons why maybe I should consider it."

Reason #1

Earlier this week the Secretary at Jonny's school called and asked why Jonny was not at school. I let her know that I walked him in, and I was sure he was there. After 20 minutes they found Jon. (this should not have taken this long. There is only 1 hallway)

Reason #2 Also this week Nate's school called. "Mrs. Ravalli, we have a situation here. Nate says he is fine, but there is a lot of blood. What do you want him to do?" When Dave got to the school a couple of minutes later he found Nate in the bathroom trying to clean this.

Have ya heard of a school nurse? They actually don't have them here. I do realize that a nurse's only real power is to give you a small bag of ice. "Oh you have a stomach ache? Here is a small bag of ice." It would have been nice to at least hand the kid some Neosporin on his way to the bathroom.

Reason #3

Ben came home on Wednesday and said:

" I had to give up my recess today. I tried to get in to see the principal but he was too busy."

Me: "hmmm, why did you need to see the principal?

Ben: "I need to talk to him about my teacher. I don't think she is doing a very good job."

So, if you can't get a hold of me in the next couple months, don't worry, we are in Phillipsburg -home-schooling.


  1. Yes, My Dear, homeschooling is not a good idea for you but they would have great memories! The wound is so awful. Good thing he's tough!

  2. I LOVE the Sweet Palace!!! I go there every time I go "home" to Anaconda.

  3. That picture made my butt pucker.

  4. BAH! Jill, you are always good for a laugh. Good luck. ;)