Monday, May 23, 2011

The force was strong with us

I feel like I have a special connection to the force, after all I was born the same year the first (or fourth as Ben likes to point out) movie came out in theatres. So I was so excited that Jonny wanted a Star Wars party this year for his birthday. There were a few definite highlights.

1. Yoda Soda, if I could re-do my wedding reception I would definitely serve this.

2. Dave's 3 1/2 foot light saber cake.

Darth Vader: You might be saying "Jill, I didn't think you had a Party City in Hamilton to buy that cool cut-out" Oh, you are right, I used the force, and a ficus tree. Only one person noticed the basket where his feet should have been.

I don't know who enjoyed the party more, Jonny or me.


  1. Happy Birthday to Jonny. Awesome cake. I really wish you lived closer so my kids could have cool parties too, or at least be invited to cool parties. Is it time for you to move yet??

  2. I want you to plan my next birthday party.

  3. Okay, I have a 7 year old who is all about Star Wars. He's having a birthday in September. I need more details...

  4. hahaha I wish I could have been there to try the drink and fight with the light saves!

  5. I am loving those noodle-sabers! Why didn't I think of that?