Monday, May 2, 2011

You can't beat Spring break in Wyoming

I was so excited to leave for a week during our one day spring break. We headed to the tropic location of Evanston Wyoming. While there we did all the typical Spring break things.

:Shlepped through a massive blizzard (Shlepped is my new word. Definition: To trudge through snow muttering how much you hate winter I mean Spring in Wyoming)

:Dyed 168 eggs (that's a lot of protein my friends)

:Played 20 rounds of Charades ( I have to admit, I think I have a natural gift for charades, after all I did get my team to guess movies like "Easter Parade" and "Silverado")

: Watched my broter and Dave's brother play Donkey basketball. You have to ask yourself after being raised in a town with such great cultural events, why is it I haven't found my niche in Montana yet?


  1. Wow, Evanston Middle School's gym looks a lot smaller than I remember. Too bad we all couldn't have gotten together and played some games.

  2. Adam: Next time we come to Evanston you can be on my charades team. We will be awesome!!