Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Water is Overrated

I never drink water. You might be saying "Well, how do you survive without water?" Two words: Grape Kool-aid it is the true nectar of the gods. Any drink that reminds me of my favorite gum "Rigley's Big League Chew (grape flavor) has got to be good. Plus it provides my body with the water needed to survive.

Dave was cooking something the other day and as I glanced in his glass I did not find the normal Pepsi, but a large glass of ice-water. So without thinking through the decision I took a big old gulp. I spit it out immediately realizing it was Seltzer Water. Lesson learned: Stick to Kool-Aid.


  1. Leave it to you to find fault with WATER.

  2. girlfriend!

    it is jason standifird's sister, heather. and i LOVE your blog! and my dear friend grew up in missoula. and he just sent me a LIST of fun things for you guys to tackle while there....

    so send me your email and i can forward the list! heatherstandifird@yahoo.com

    hope things are well!