Friday, May 13, 2011

Car talk

I think most of our quality conversations happen in the five minutes between school and our house.

Jon: Mom! you are going to be so excited, I get to be the WEED in the school play.

Ben: Did you know that wheat Silo's are the number one danger for kids in Montana.
Me: Really, how do you know that?
Ben: Because we spent today in Tractor and Silo safety classes.

Nate: I think I am going to have to use my fall-back career.
Me: You realize you are only 12 right?
Nate: (ignoring my comment) yea, Obama cut funding to N.A.S.A, I guess I'll have to be a physicist.

It really is my favorite 5 minutes of the day.


  1. Those are some great 5 minutes!

  2. Jon has a new nickname: Jonny AppleWeed