Monday, May 9, 2011

Mothers Day Re-cap

Nathans talk in Sacrament meeting
"It was my mom who taught me to :Catch a football
:ride my bike
:play football
:cook ramen
:and that it's a bad thing to use your trombone spit valve in the kitchen"

Dave: hmmmm Do I do anything at home?

Jon: Mom, here is a card I made you for Mothers Day.
Me: Oh Jonny, are those baby chicks on the cover.
Jon: Yep
Me: Turn page, hmmm what is that?
Jon: It's a dragon eating the chicks

Here is Jonny and his friend Jack answering a mothers day question.


  1. That is so scary on so many fronts!

  2. Wait, so was it YOU that put the duct tape on his mouth? AFTER you made the muffins?